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September 24 – 26, 2020

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

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    Dr. Jonathon Leipsic, Moderator CARDIAC IMAGING Click icon below to eval each talk Until Oct 4th
7:50 8:00 Dr. Jonathon Leipsic Welcome from Dr. Jonathon Leipsic    
8:00 8:15 Dr. Jonathon Leipsic How to Read a CCTA
8:15 8:30 Dr. Philipp Blanke CT of the Post-Operative Aorta: Pitfalls and Pearls
8:30 8:45 Dr. Darra Murphy MRI in Patients with Implanted Cardiac devices: Current Evidence
8:45 9:00 Dr. Cameron Hague The Approach to the Heart on Chest CT
9:00 9:15   BREAK    
9:15 9:35 Dr. Sunhy Abbara Approach to Cardiac Masses
9:35 9:50 Dr. Leslee Shaw Lessons from the ISCHEMIA Trial
9:50 10:10 Dr. Jonathon Leipsic CCTA for Stable Chest Pain: An Update
10:15 10:45 Dr. Jonathon Leipsic Live Panel Discussion / Q & A    
    Dr. Talia Vertinsky, Moderator NEURO IMAGING    
10:55 11:00 Dr. Talia Vertinsky Welcome from Dr. Talia Vertinsky    
11:00 11:25 Dr. Amy Juliano Approach to Vision Loss
11:25 11:50 Dr. Amy Juliano Orbital Masses
11:50 12:15 Dr. Manraj Heran Thyroid Orbitopathy
12:15 12:30 Dr. Manraj Heran Treatment of Orbital Masses
12:30 12:45   BREAK    
12:45 1:10 Dr. Jason Barton Orbit Imaging What the Ophthalmologist Wants to Know
1:10 1:35 Dr. Mark Halverson Pediatric Orbit and Vision
1:35 2:00 Dr. Amy Juliano Sinus Anatomy and Pathology
2:00 2:30 Dr. Talia Vertinsky Live Panel Discussion / Q & A    
2:30 3:15 Dr. Elliot Fishman Iodinated IV Contrast, CT Scan Protocols and the Oncology Patient: What We Need to Know *Bonus Talk*

Friday, September 25, 2020

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    Dr. Silvia Chang, Moderator ABDOMINAL IMAGING Click icon below to eval each talk Until Oct 4th
7:50 8:00 Dr. Silvia Chang Welcome from Dr. Silvia Chang    
8:00 8:45 Dr. Judy Yee The Peter Cooperberg Lecture: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Radiologists
8:45 9:00 Dr. Alison Harris MRI of Rectal Cancer
9:00 9:15   BREAK
9:15 9:30 Dr. Emily Pang Pancreatic Cysts
9:30 9:45 Dr. Silvia Chang MRI Prostate: Pitfalls and Mimics
9:45 10:15 Dr. Judy Yee Challenging Abdominal Cases
10:15 10:45 Dr. Silvia Chang Live Panel Discussion / Q & A    
    Dr. Tanya Martin, Moderator WOMEN’S IMAGING    
10:55 11:00 Dr. Tanya Martin Welcome from Dr. Tanya Martin    
11:00 11:15 Dr. Sarah Barrett O Rads
11:15 11:30 Dr. Emily Pang Imaging of the Endometrium
11:30 11:45 Dr. John Chung Imaging and Radiological Treatment of Uterine Fibroids
11:45 12:05 Dr. Hamid Raziee Cervical Cancer: Radiation Oncology Perspective
12:05 12:20   BREAK
12:20 12:35 Dr. Tanya Martin Malignancy in Pregnancy
12:35 12:55 Dr. Jean Buckley Acute Pelvic Pain in Adult Female
12:55 1:15 Dr. Denise Pugash Updates in Prenatal Imaging
1:15 1:45 Dr. Tanya Martin Live Panel Discussion / Q & A    
Bonus Talk Dr. Paula Gordon Radiology Choosing Wisely: Navigating Controversy
1:45 2:15 Mr. Charles Uh Advances in CT including Non-Approved Products (Siemens Sponsored Talk)    
2:15 2:45 Dr. Timothy DeVito MRI: Setting the Pace in Acceleration (Siemens Sponsored Talk)    
2:45 3:00 Q&A with Savvas Nicolaou      

Saturday, September 26, 2020

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    Dr. Bruce Forster, Moderator MSK IMAGING Click icon below to eval each talk Until Oct 4th
7:50 8:00 Dr. Bruce Forster Welcome    
8:00 8:30 Dr. Donald Resnick Menisci
8:30 8:45 Dr. Tetyana Gorbachova Osteochondral Injuries and Osteochondritis Dissecans
8:45 9:00 Dr. Hugue Ouellette Dual Energy CT of the Knee
9:00 9:15   BREAK    
9:15 9:30 Dr. Mark Cresswell Ultrasound Guided MSK Intervention
9:30 9:45 Dr. Tetyana Gorbachova Posterolateral Corner Injury of the Knee
9:45 10:15 Dr. Jon Jacobson Shoulder Ultrasound Pitfalls
10:15 10:45 Dr. Bruce Forster Live Panel Discussion / Q & A    
    Dr. Savvas Nicolaou, Moderator ER/TRAUMA IMAGING    
10:50 11:00 Dr. Savvas Nicolaou Welcome from Savvas Nicolaou    
11:00 11:15 Dr. Ferco Berger Imaging Pearls: CT signs in Hypovolemic Shock Complex
11:15 11:30 Dr. Pratik Mukherjee CT Imaging Spectrum of Neck Emergencies
11:30 11:45 Dr. Michael O’Keeffe Imaging of Bowel and Mesenteric Injuries
11:45 12:00 Dr. Michael Patlas Imaging of Pancreatic Traumatic Injuries
12:00 12:15   BREAK    
12:15 12:30 Dr. Siobhan O’Neill Update on New Concepts in Trauma Imaging
12:30 12:45 Dr. Ismail Ali Imaging of Penetrating Thoraic and Abdominal Trauma
12:45 1:00 Dr. Nicolas Murray Pearls and Pitfalls of Common Misses in Trauma
1:00 1:15 Dr. Cameron Hague ILD Imaging in The ED
1:15 1:30 Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Acute Pancreatitis    
1:30 2:00 Dr. Savvas Nicolaou Live Panel Discussion / Q & A    
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