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UBC and Participating Faculty 

Berger, Ferco, MD, VU University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Chang, Silvia, MD, FRCPC, ResidencyProgram Director, Associate Professor, UBC Radiology

Chung, John, MD FCRPC, Radiologist, Vancouver General Hospital

Cresswell, Mark, MB BCh, FRCPC, Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC

Forster, Bruce, MSc, MD, FRCPC, Professor and Head UBC Radiology. Medical Imaging Director, PHC and VCH

Harris, Alison, MD, FRCPC, Clinical Associate Professor, Fellowship Director, Abdominal Imaging

Heran, Manraj, MD, FRCPC, Clinical Associate Professor, UBC

Leipsic, Jonathon, MD, FRCPC, Associate Professor, Vice-Chair Research, UBC, Head, Department of Radiology, Providence Healthcare

Nicolaou, Savvas, MD, FRCPC, Associate Professor, Conference Chair and Vice-Chair, CPD, University of British Columbia, Head, Emergency and Trauma Imaging, VGH

Ouellette, Hugue, MD, FRCPC, Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC Radiology

Visiting Guest Faculty

Dr. Donald Resnick, UC San Diego
Dr. Jon Jacobson, University of Michigan
Dr. Judy Yee, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Leslee Shaw, Weill Cornell Medical College
Dr. Amir Ahmadi, Mount Sinai
Dr. Michael Patlas, McMaster University
Dr. Amy Juliano, Harvard Medical School

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